Teacher's Thoughts

"I have been a member of the NTOP family for almost 4 years.  Prior to this, I was a student for many years in Japan and Argentina.  Having studied French, Spanish, and Japanese, I know the challenges that come with language acquisition can be difficult for many ESLs.  As a teacher, I truly appreciate the programs offered by NTOP.  For all ages and all fluency levels we offer high intensity classes that strengthen students in reading, writing and actively communicating in English.  We teach vocabulary and test taking skills that will empower students in our classrooms and beyond.  Most importanly, at NTOP we show how becoming a fluent reader and accomplished writer can be exciting and fun!"

Student Work Examples

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I learned lots of vocabulary, reading skills and grammar at NTOP.  I really like my teachers Mrs. Tayna, Ms. Kara, and the other teachers who taught me. I like the writing assignments most.  There are a variety of writing choices you can choose from.  Teachers at NTOP help me learn more vocabulary and the correct way to use grammar!     - Soomin